Archive for May, 2005

Birthing Fear: The Iliopsoas Muscle

Published in Midwifery Today focused on educating midwives why the psoas is important and ways to support its natural release. Includes four case studies. Copy quality reprint article.

The Psoas Muscle During Pregnancy & Birth

Published in The Doula (USA) Covers the psoas muscle’s influence during each phase of pregnancy and birth. Copy quality reprint article.

Intuitive Mothering

Published in The Doula (USA) A mother’s personal exploration in trusting her intuitive gut feelings. Tapping into ones own core as a means of intuitively responding to our babies and children. Copy quality reprint article.

Personal Reasons Not To Fuse: Adolescent Scoliosis

Privately published. A lay person’s perspective of scoliosis as the manifestation of muscular (psoas) imbalance and energetic expression. Copy quality reprint article.

Your Back In Gardening

Published in Vegetarian Times (USA) Explains how releasing the psoas muscle and developing core awareness can enhance working in your garden. Offers an easy to do exercise for relieving back tension. Copy quality reprint article.