Dem Bones – As Seen in Massage & Bodywork Magazine Article

Published by Liz Koch on October 3, 2007 in Blog

Read my latest article Dem Bones in the Oct/Nov issue of Massage and Bodywork Magazine. Then join me, along with Pioneer Somatic Educator Emilie Conrad, for a 3-day exploration where bones becomes the vital expression of living tissue. Workshop is January 18th through the 20th 2008 at the Continuum Studio in Santa Monica, California. See the full workshop details and register online on my workshop schedule.

Nancy-Laurel Pettersen
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I’m dying to read your article & learn more about your work. When I clicked on the Massage & Bodywork link, I found your article in the table of contents, but I didn’t find a link to the actual text.

I was especially excited to see your sound work mentioned on the “Bones for Life” discussion group — for two reasoons. I’ve had the hypothesis for a good year that the vibration from humming could stimulate bone vibration in a good way, but till now I haven’t found anybody talking about it. I even emailed the people who do animal/sound research in California but didn’t get a response. AND I have a serious case of osteoporosis and am resisting my doctor’s pressure to take Fasomax or one of its cousins, so I’m willing to try anything and everything else. So if you can tell me how to get at your article,, I’d be thrilled, and I’m interested in any other information that you might be able to share with me.

Nancy-Laurel Pettersen
Far Rockaway, New York

Liz Koch
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The “Dem Bones” article is only available by ordering it online or picking a copy up at your local book or whole foods store. It’s worth the read!

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