Why “Good Posture” Takes More Than Fitness & Bodywork

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Achieving good posture begs the question what dynamics quite literally shape us? Yes, fitness can energize and magnify our sense of self. Bodywork can nourish and provide guidance towards health.  But it is the very essence of expression that is key in finding ever-changing rebound and support.

My sense of self and the integrity to fully manifest only emerges from within the very core of my being. This life force does not require correction or even direction without but a global connection and relationship with all life.  As an educator, I’ve been struck by what somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad called the insistence on homeostasis. In other words what interrupts us from creating fresh connections and new ways of being?

Think of what you know about a river. A river flows from its source towards the sea.  How a river gets there and thus what it looks like from the outside, depends partly upon what its external conditions are. Yet a river’s force and expression is the very essence that shapes the riverbed in which it flows. Straighten a riverbed and you will see a river’s life force stagnate and dwindle. The human organism, like the river, is a living system and just like the river we too are full of expression, longing, and desire.  Our core intelligence always seeking connection and coherency snakes a path of least resistance towards the sea. Yet for many of us, we seem to set up boulders in our way or expect someone else to stretch us to the sea.

To unleash our life force, maybe even change our course, we can choose to consciously turn towards the brilliance of intelligent life. Unguided, self-movement (which is not directed by anyone) bubbling up from deep within is elemental for becoming integral. Valuing how intrinsic this self-movement is for supporting our quality of life, we can look no further than the river.  Like the river, we too are part of a larger earth and cosmic life force. We are not inanimate (body objects) lacking perception and volition.  We cannot achieve good posture by simply correcting, stabilizing, or objectifying. Rather being human, we must become flowing expressions, animated by the movement of the inner sea, the underground springs, and the outer planets…fluid, dynamic, ever changing, a life force… if you will.

“Our relation to our cosmic mother closely parallels that to our physical mother
In that first connection is the seed of all later expectations and fulfillments.”

The Body Reveals: an Illustrated Guide to the Psychology of the Body

By Ron Kurtz and Hector Prestera @ 1976

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2017 Workshops Coming Up…

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May 3 & 4 12-Hr Psoas Workshop New York NY

May 5 -6 POWER & PSOAS with elite trainer & powerlifter Deric Stockton New York NY

July 8-9 Juicy Cobra: Psoas Diaphragm Dance with Tom Myers Walpole ME

August 18-20 Stalking Wild Psoas Primal Painting with Artist Majio Santa Cruz CA

September 16 & 17 12-Hr Psoas Workshop Nashville TN

October 24 3-Hr Psoas Introduction Class Joshua Tree CA PENDING

October 25-29 Professional Advanced Course (& Retreat) Joshua Tree CA DETAILS PENDING


July 12 & 13 12-Hr Psoas Workshop 
London England

July 14-16 Psoas During Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum York England

July 18 & 19 12-Hr Psoas Workshop Edinburgh Scotland

July 21 & 22 12-Hr Psoas Workshop Berlin Germany

July 23-25 Stalking Wild Psoas In Motion with Dancer Adriana Pegorer Berlin Germany

September 26 & 27 12-Hr Psoas Workshop Copenhagen Denmark

September 28-Oct 2 Professional Advanced Course & Retreat
 Langeland Denmark DETAILS PENDING

October 3-5 Psoas During Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum Copenhagen Denmark

October 7 & 8 12-Hr Psoas Workshop Geneva Switzerland

October 10 & 11 12-Hr Psoas Workshop Oslo Norway

October 12-14 Stalking Wild: Womb to World with Anna Verwaal Oslo Norway

November 5-12 Blue Lagoon Iceland DETAILS PENDING

November 15 & 16 12-Hr Psoas Workshop Amsterdam Netherlands

November 17-19 Stalking Wild: Womb to World with Anna Verwaal Castricum Netherlands


August 1 5-Week Tele/Audio Class begins. (Summer 2017)

November 21 5-Week Tele/Audio Class begins. (Fall/Winter 2017)

(Attendance not required – Recordings sent by email)

2016 Fall Private Psoas Sessions ~ New York

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November 29, 30 and December 1 I am offering Private Psoas Sessions in my Manhattan Studio.  Join me for this opportunity to focus on your psoas.

Email me via my contact page to reserve your date and time.  90 minutes session $265.00

Sustaining a Healthy Psoas in a Material World

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A farmer recently attended my 12-Hr Psoas Workshop here in the Midwest with the intention of maintaining her physical capacity to continue to work. The principles and concepts I presented for regenerating a healthy Psoas aligned perfectly with this farmer’s bio-dynamic farming practices.

In day-to-day practice the goal is to create a farm system that is minimally dependent on imported materials, and instead meets its needs from the living dynamics of the farm itself.  It is the biodiversity of the farm, organized so that the waste of one part of the farm becomes the energy for another, that results in an increase in the farm’s capacity for self-renewal and ultimately makes the farm sustainable.

Where do we begin?
Changing paradigms is paramount to thriving on every level of existence. As biological organisms our being-bodies are part of a larger regenerative system that requires regenerative rather than degenerative practices.  First recognize our relationship to all living systems. By consciously participating and contributing to over all sustainability within our own system ~ not only other beings but also the dynamic living systems thrive. There was recently a profound video about how introducing wolves back into a system changed the course and health of the rivers.  The interconnected sense-ability is not a thought form it is a reality…to be felt sensed.

How to sustain within our present cultural myth of destruction?
To paraphrase somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad  ~ under the cultural and historical story, the slime is still moving. We are living biological beings, made of dirt, water, air, and fire. Sensing the elements, and the forces that stir us far beyond our flesh and deep within our bones is how we re-member. We have never been or are we ever separate from the rhythms of the earth and spiraling vortexes of the cosmos.

Core sustainability includes

  • Changing the story
  • Exploring diversity
  • Sensory re-awakening
  • Playing in the wild