The Psoas and Back Pain (Audio CD)

A responsive Psoas Muscle is key to resolving back pain, tension and discomfort. The Psoas & Back Pain Audio CD introduces you to your deepest core muscle, the psoas and delves into the many reasons the psoas is vital to wellbeing. Connecting the Psoas with Back Pain offers simple tools for moving forward with ease and pleasure.

The audio CD is approximately 60 minutes long and ships in a eco-friendly recycled cardboard case with no plastic to help reduce waste.

CD Chapters:

  • Meet Your Psoas
  • Functions of The Psoas Muscle
  • Back Pain & The Psoas Connection
  • The Pelvic Keystone
  • Fitness: Yoga, Pilates, Exercise & Sports
  • Trauma Recovery, Emotional Wellbeing & Safety
The Psoas and Back Pain (Audio CD)

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