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Join me for this newsletter subscriber exclusive free Tele-seminar entitled Women’s Sexual Health: A conversation with Alice Steuerwald and Liz Koch.  The seminar will be approximately 60 minutes long and will include a question and answer portion. The teleseminar will take place on Thursday October 6, 2016 at  11AM PDT /1:00 PM EDT.

To take part in the teleseminar you must register prior to the teleseminar date. To register for the completely free teleseminar, please fill out the form below in its entirety. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration with detailed instructions for calling in to participate.

If you have questions for the question and answer portion of the teleseminar, please include them below in the question field. You may include as many questions as you like keeping the subject matter in mind. I will randomly select questions to use in the teleseminar.

Please note: Although the teleseminar is completely free you are responsible for any long distance, Skype, and/or other telephone charges. The telephone number for the teleseminar is a standard United States non-toll telephone number and no additional charge will be levied for participating.

This free teleseminar will be recorded and may be used in future published materials. By signing up for this free teleseminar you are agreeing to being recorded. You further agree to allow me (Liz Koch) and Core Awareness to use your voice, questions, and first name in future published materials and give up all ownership of such. Please contact me with any questions prior to registering.

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