3-Hr Psoas Classes (N Sydney AUSTRALIA)

I will be teaching two short classes for the Pilates Institute of Australia ~ Register for both and save $90 AUS dollars ~ Register at http://www.pilates.net/shop/category12_1.htm

Please use the link below to get more information and to sign up ~ Note: Please contact the Institute for cancellation policy

CLASS  #1 (11:00 – 2:00PM) The Juicy Psoas: Redefining Core Strength with Liz Koch

Core Strength, a buzz-word heard throughout the US fitness community and around the world, focuses on engaging the Psoas Muscle as a stabilizer and hip flexor. Psoas expert Liz Koch challenges this common idea revealing that the core muscle of the human body is not intended to stabilize but to elicit integrity. With over 37 years exploring the Psoas, Liz introduces a new paradigm and language inviting you to sense the center of power deep within your being and discover true core strength.

CLASS  #2 (2:40 – 5:40PM) The Psoas: Re-establishing Pelvic Integrity with LIz Koch

95% of Psoas problems begin in the pelvis. This empirical assessment results from Liz Koch’s 37 years focused on the core muscle.  Growing directly out of the spine, the Psoas is a bio-intelligent tissue, a messenger, signaling disruption and incoherency in the central nervous system.  The most frequent disruption takes place in the sacral iliac joints (SI joints) and ligaments that weave the three pelvic bones into a balanced whole.  Join Liz Koch as she explores the relationship between Psoas/ iliacus and the pelvis.

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Dates & Times:

  1. March 14, 2013 (11:00 am to 6:00 pm)

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