3-Hr The Energetic Psoas with Qi Gong Daniel Lee (London, England)

The Core Psoas is within the Dan Tien (The Belly Elixir Field) and is said to be

The Muscle of the Soul.

Deep, profound, and mysterious this primal tissue is expressive of our instinctual responses from  basic survival to creative innovation.

Experience this 3-hour class and explore the energetic expression of your Psoas through    movement, breath and sound.

Learn how to work with your Psoas to access the Earth’s vibrational force as a vital key for generating strong internal forces (Chi) for self healing and healing others.

Qi Gong instructor & healing arts teacher Daniel Lee will be co-      teaching this class with Liz Koch.  Lee has 20 years experience and is an accredited Bugi energy healing practitioner, Shiatsu & NLP practitioner teaching in Bristol England.  Taijwuxigong & Bugi Founder Dr Shen Hongxun has given Lee permission to teach Taijiwuxigong, which is the most famous of system of Qi Gong in China during the 1980s.

contact Daniel lee at [email protected]

PRICE:  Currency in GBP 70 EARLY & 85 Regular.  Please be aware of slight fluctuations in currency exchange when registering online.

NOTE: Please read my cancellation policy found on this website before registering.  Your registration is an acceptance of the policy and its limitations.

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  1. June 28, 2011 (6:30 pm to 9:30 pm)

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You can register for this Other online. Early registration is available for 110.00 until May 28, 2011. Registration is 135.00 after May 28, 2011.