The Inner Core Cobra Dance Walpole ME with Tom Myers

Meet Me in Maine with Tom Myers for a Psoas-Diaphragm Dance….

This workshop is organized by the Anatomy Trains Summer Courses.


Awaken a different core inside yourself with this dynamic collaboration between two somatic explorers. Liz and Tom – from their very different perspectives – concentrate your attention on your inner core – the ‘cobra’ of the vital (juicy) psoas-diaphragm complex. After years of ‘core stabilization’ for the transversus abdominis and pelvic floor, come further inside to the fluid dance of the psoas and diaphragm through the spine and hips, allowing the outer core to ‘unstabilize’ in order to reach the inner centrality of being.

Liz offers an approach of body sensing and movement to reach the psoas-diaphragm balance, while Tom has pioneered gentle but powerful touch to awaken and align these inner structures. In this dialogue, we will explore both paths, since they both have value, coming together to empower the spinal engine, energies the kidneys, and spend time deeply exploring the two most emotional muscles in the body. Get more working awareness in the place where your moving self and your organic self-meet – the front of the spine.

This course will combine guided movement self-exploration with gentle bodywork, in the context of dialogue between two contrasting approaches that lead to the same summit: core aliveness, a being that matches your doing, a dynamic hara, and the skills to elicit the same awareness in others – with your hands, your words, and your touch cuing.

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Anatomy Trains Summer Program
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  1. July 7, 2017
  2. July 8, 2017
  3. July 9, 2017

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Sorry, online registration is not available for this Workshop. Early registration is available for $600.00 until June 15, 2017. Registration is $650.00 after June 15, 2017. Please follow the instructions below to register or contact me.
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