The Psoas Horse Heart-Connected Event (Hampshire, UK)

Opening our field of energy to be in theirs!  This is for horse people and non-horse people alike. A PSOAS to HEART Connection

This is your opportunity to interact with another species who naturally communicates through their heart center.  Both educational and experimental the time spent  with the horses, who by the way are at liberty to interact or not, helps us directly feel the  ‘field of energy’ and if open makes available a direct communication of consciousness between species.

This workshop is strictly limited to a maximum of 8 people, on a first come first serve basis.  Join Jo Osborne and my self for an unforgettable and unique heart healing experience. Please email me for a workshop flyer.  Her website is

Jo Osborne holds the professional position of being both an advanced hoslistic therapist for both individual horses and humans and is also trained as a a massage therapist and movement teacher.  A British Horse Society Intermediate Teacher & Intermediate Stable manager (BHSIT & Int SM), an Equine Sports Massage therapist ESMAT, Human Massage therapist (ITEC), qualified Tajwuxigong (QIGONG) & Tai Chi Instructor, Buqi Healer & Practitioner and Psoas Referral Practitioner, Jo holds the City & Guilds Certificate of Education Stage 1 & 11.

The Horses are worked with at liberty in a free choice environment and in a friendship capacity.  Unlike many horses they are not emotionally “shut down” but do have their opinions and expressions and sometimes offer entertainment in their own way.  Time around them can be very different from one day to the next yet their offerings and interactions are open-hearted, reflective, and present within the moment.

As a participant you will always have control as to how close or distant you want to be with the horses with plenty of opportunities to retreat to where the horses are not.  The horses are taught that they are to keep their human fellows safe at all times and are mostly mindful of this.  Participants will be kept safe at all times as far as is possible and so even people who fear horses should feel welcomed to have a new experience with such majestic, powerful and heart centered sentient beings as is the horse.

COST: 75 British Pound EARLY Registration,  85 British Pounds Regular after June 1, 2011

LIMITED to 8 participants

There will be an open discussion with the group over lunch at a nearby venue after the class.  Lunch paid separately.  Please note that the session with the horses is outside and that the weather may be kind or otherwise.  Bring a coat and wear appropriate boots etc.

NOTE: Be sure to read my cancellation policy located at my website before registering.

Workshop Location:
Hampshire, England
Workshop Notes:
directs will be sent by email
Workshop Dates & Times:

  1. July 4, 2011 (10:00 am to 1:00 pm)

Workshop Registration:
You can register for this Workshop online. Early registration is available for 122.00 until June 1, 2011. Registration is 139.00 after June 1, 2011.