About Liz Koch & The Psoas Muscle

Welcome to my educational website Core Awareness.™ This site is dedicated to the amazing Psoas Muscle and the enhancement of somatic awareness, which is necessary to fully comprehend the complexity, power, and profound influence of this mysterious muscle.

The Psoas is the tenderloin (filet mignon) of the human body. Juicy, supple, and dynamic,  the Psoas is the primal messenger of the central nervous system. Your Psoas is much more than simply a muscle, it can be perceived as the guardian or spokesperson of Dan Tien, Hara, or what is commonly referred to as your gut intuition. In some spiritual philosophies, the Psoas is referred to as the muscle of the soul.

I encourage you to discover your Core Psoas. My published books along with my online articles offer specific explorations that can help release unnecessary tension within the Psoas as well as awaken full body responsiveness. My workshops provide the opportunity for you to experience working with me directly as I guide you through simple movement explorations that support and maintain a healthy functional Psoas. Additionally, my annual retreats are an invitation to heal Psoas dysfunctions and/or injuries and to rest deep within your own vital core. There is a lot to learn, so lets get started…

My very best wishes,

Liz Koch