My 2014 Psoas Workshop Schedule Is Officially Up Online

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I am so excited to officially announce my 2014 Core Awareness Schedule is now up online!   The variety of Psoas workshops being offered this year is simply amazing (if I say so myself). Along with my foundation 12 and 18 Hour Psoas Workshops, I am offering three stunning Stalking The Wild Psoas Play shop collaborations: Womb to World with Ted Talk perinatal/birth educator Anna Verwaal, Painting From The Primal Core with Creative Process Artist Majio, and a Healing Adventure at Randee Fox’s Blue Heron Ranch with Electric Cellist/Vocalist Jami Sieber. This year I will also be Stalking Wild Psoas in the wild greens of Ireland and in the dynamic city of Amsterdam. These play workshops are sure to deepen your soul journey to core integrity. I’m back in the concrete jungle of New York for one week and available for private sessions squeezed between an 18-hr Psoas workshop and another great Core Strength workshop with Elite Power Lifter Deric Stockton. To top it off I have what is simply a feast for the eyes, and profound healing for the tissue: an Application Course for Professionals at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Clinic. What a year for possibilities and fun this is going to be…YUM!!!

Home Study Program: Why Discover Your Psoas?

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The majority of people I meet discover their Psoas due to pain or tension they simply cannot resolve.  I hear this story over and over everywhere I go.  Eventually a health care provider points out that they think the problem is the person’s PSOAS!  What Psoas? The person then goes looking for their Psoas.  Now the general public is just beginning to wake up to the fact there is a muscle called the Psoas and health care providers are exploring a somewhat limited perspective of how to work with the Psoas. This often leads the person who is still in pain to seek out treatment for their difficult and belligerent Psoas. Often times by the time the person finds me he/she has had their Psoas pummeled, stretched, and trigger pointed by various therapists, teachers and well meaning folk attempting to help resolve the problem. However the results are most often short-lived relief or finding no relief at all. The person may begin a self search and eventually connect with me feeling disconcerted, frustrated, and at their wits end.

My invitation to every body is to discover YOUR own Psoas. Learn to understand what I called the messenger of the mid-line, learn what therapeutic protocols are most effective, and practice self-care approaches for taking care of your deep and profound “muscle of the soul”; Doing so brings resolution. Please join me for my next Psoas Tele-class series beginning October 29th by phone or listen at your leisure via email to each weeks recorded lecture.

“Realizing how connected I am is nothing short of mind blowing.  Suddenly I’m seeing the pains and symptoms over the years as expressions of a message I haven’t been listening to, all connected.”

Summer 2013 Tele-class Participant

An Inspiring Journey To Self: An Interview with Alice Steuerwald

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Alice’s journey to find health is an inspiring story for everyone. Born into a mixed ethnic military family in the middle of Kansas, Alice grew up just around the corner from a brothel. Raped at age 17 and strung out on heroin her journey to reclaim her body and soul and in so doing create a healthy life has shaped her ability to be a powerful teacher, healer, and an inspirational health advocate for women and men. Read More…

Exploring the Psoas ~ Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

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If you’ve read my books or listened to my podcast you already know how passionate I am about not being aggressive, manipulative, or invasive with the Psoas. Below are just a few client & student responses regarding my non-manipulative approach to the Psoas and why it works so well! The Psoas is simply a messenger so please don’t shoot the messenger…. Read More…

Stalking the Wild Psoas workshop ~ May 3-5 Tucson Arizona

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New Biology, Quantum Physics, and Molecular Science, all recognize that human beings are a dynamic organic process. These scientific perspectives contend that it is not the individual parts, but the whole that provides for in-depth understanding. The human organism is not perceived as isolated or compartmentalized, but rather is studied as a living system. No longer an “it “ – an object – the human being is recognized as a dynamic ever-changing process, embedded in a field of relationships and information. (from Changing the Language of Body: from Object to Process article by Liz Koch)