Landing, Coherency, and the Bio-Intelligent Psoas

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As messenger of the mid-line, the supple, dynamic Psoas speaks of our arrival here on earth. Inspired by galaxies, shaped by oceanic currents, made from soil, we are creatures of vastness that emerge within and travel through a women’s body to land upon the earth. We are both star beings and oceanic earth organisms. This arrival, what I call landing, informs our ability to flourish during this lifetime.

“In their birth memories, “babies” now grown up describe what they experienced during labor, how they were treated by nurses and doctors, and what their parents said and did…what we find in birth memories is consistent with what is found in modern research; the newborn brain, nervous system, and physical senses are active and coordinated…the infant mind is alert, perceptive, exploring… busy incorporating each new experience.”
The Mind of Your Newborn Baby ~ David Chamberlain

I have come to understand that by turning towards the core messenger with an open attention and a curious ear we can gain an understanding of what is being called for from the center of our being. Landing (or what is commonly called embodiment) is essential for sensate experience of  coherency. The Psoas is not a problem that needs solving; rather it is a bio-intelligent messenger informing us of a deep level of in-coherency within our system. This core tissue is addressing our inability to locate in time and space. Once we land, we locate. Once we locate, we organize. Once we coordinate, we experience coherency. The ability to be coherent human beings is synonymous with our ability to fully awaken to each moment in time and space.

Tango with Your Psoas ~ join Liz & Adriana Pegorer in London

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Dancing a Tango with  Your Psoas & The Latissimus Dorsi

A Unique Dance Partnering with Liz Koch & Adriana Pegorer

The Psoas and the Lats negotiates and express our deepest desires and expresses our freedom of movement. out into the world.   As we attune to their intrinsic buoyant nature we access the soft yielding, open longing and inspired resilience of our human nature. We’ll begin by exploring Psoas and Lat movement within ourselves and than partner to join Lat to Lat , Psoas to Psoas in a dance of collaboration.

TUESDAY EVENING JULY 19th -  3-Hr Class in  London UK

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~ Happy Spring Flourishing ~

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Flourish this lush juicy spring season by exploring your Core Integrity through Awareness with Liz Koch and Dutch educator Anna Verwaal in our 3-Part Tele-class (with permanent downloads) Womb To World: The Journey That Shapes Our Life from the ease of your home. Join Liz for a 12-Hr Psoas workshop in St Louis, New York, or Denver. A 3-Hr Sex & The Psoas for Women Class in New York City, or grab up one of the exclusive private consultation session while Liz is in New York. The pleasure is all yours!

Stalking The Wild Psoas ~ what do you really long for?

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Longing is a voice from deep within.  You can ignore it but you can not out live it.  Consider it lost…

“So when something is lost, we must go to the old woman who always lives in the -out-of -the-way pelvis. She lives out there, half in and half out of the creative fire. This is a perfect place for women to live, right next to the female huevos, their eggs, their female seeds.  There the tiniest ideas and the largest ones are waiting for our minds and actions to make them manifest”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes ~ Women Who Run With The Wolves

EARLY registration is extended through the end of January ~ this is a kick ass workshop so do not whine to me – just show up and discover what you truly long for…

My 2016 Psoas Workshop Schedule is ready…Join me!

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Santa Fe NM ~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (Jan 23 & 24)
Ojo Caliente NM
~ 30-Hr Application Course & Retreat  (Jan 24-31)
Santa Monica CA
~ Stalking The Wild Psoas: Singing The Soul (Feb 12-14)*
San Francisco CA
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (Feb 20 & 21)
Your Home Everywhere
~ 5 Week Winter Tele-class Begins (Feb 23)
Salt Spring Island BC
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (March 4-6)
Des Moines IA
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (March 19 & 20)

Melbourne AUSTRALIA ~12-Hr Psoas Workshop (April 2 & 3)
~ Stalking The Wild Psoas (April 4-6)
Sunshine Coast AUSTRALIA
~ 4-Hr Sex & The Psoas Class (April 7)
~ 18-Hr Psoas Workshop (April 8-10)

Where-ever Universe ~ 3 week Tele-course with Anna Verwaal Womb to World (April 13)*
St Louis MO
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (April 23 & 24)
New York NY
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (April 30 & May 1)
New York NY ~ 3-Hr Sex & The Psoas Class (May 2)
New York NY ~ Private Sessions (May 2-4)

Denver CO ~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (May 14 & 15)
San Jose CA
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (June  25 & 26)

Amsterdam NL~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (July 13 & 14)
Amsterdam NL
~ Stalking The Wild Psoas (July 15 – 17)
London UK
~ 12- Hr Psoas Workshop (July 19 & 20)
York UK
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (July 23 & 24)

Cleveland OH ~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (August 27 & 28)             
Martha’s Vineyard MA
~ 12-Hr-Psoas Workshop (Sept 16-18)
Quebec Canada
~ 12-Hr-Psoas Workshop (Sept 20-21)
New York NY
~ Stalking the Wild Workshop (Sept 23-25)
New York NY
~ Private Sessions (September 26-28)

Oslo Norway ~12-Hr Psoas Workshop (Oct 11 & 12)
Oslo Norway
~ Stalking The Wild Psoas: Womb To World  (Oct 13-15 )*
Blue Lagoon Iceland
~ 30-Hr Application Course (Oct 16-22)

Lawrence KS ~ Advanced Professional Training: Refining Explorations (Nov 3-6)
Ojo Caliente NM
~ Sex & The Psoas Women’s Retreat  (Nov 14-16)*

* Co taught – see who is  joining me for these joint workshop!