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2017 Workshop Schedule at a Glance

March 31-April 2 Healing Psoas: Hands-on Techniques with Jim Berns San Jose CA
April 8 & 9 12-Hr Psoas Workshop
 Madison WI
May 3 & 4 12-Hr Psoas Workshop New York NY
May 5 -6 Action Potential of Your Psoas with Powerlifter Deric Stockton New York NY
July 8-9 Juicy Cobra: Psoas Diaphragm Dance with Tom Myers Walpole [...]

Sustaining a Healthy Psoas in a Material World

A farmer recently attended my 12-Hr Psoas Workshop here in the Midwest with the intention of maintaining her physical capacity to continue to work. The principles and concepts I presented for regenerating a healthy Psoas aligned perfectly with this farmer’s bio-dynamic farming practices.
In day-to-day practice the goal is to create a farm system that is [...]

Landing, Coherency, and the Bio-Intelligent Psoas

As messenger of the mid-line, the supple, dynamic Psoas speaks of our arrival here on earth. Inspired by galaxies, shaped by oceanic currents, made from soil, we are creatures of vastness that emerge within and travel through a women’s body to land upon the earth. We are both star beings and oceanic earth organisms. This [...]

Tango with Your Psoas ~ join Liz & Adriana Pegorer in London

Dancing a Tango with  Your Psoas & The Latissimus Dorsi

A Unique Dance Partnering with Liz Koch & Adriana Pegorer

The Psoas and the Lats negotiates and express our deepest desires and expresses our freedom of movement. out into the world.   As we attune to their intrinsic buoyant nature we access the soft yielding, open longing [...]

~ Happy Spring Flourishing ~

Flourish this lush juicy spring season by exploring your Core Integrity through Awareness with Liz Koch and Dutch educator Anna Verwaal in our 3-Part Tele-class (with permanent downloads) Womb To World: The Journey That Shapes Our Life from the ease of your home. Join Liz for a 12-Hr Psoas workshop in St Louis, New York, or [...]