2015 Workshop & Tele-class Schedule

Published by Liz Koch on January 20, 2015 in Blog

THANKS! for your patience as I relocate and set up my new office. The workshop schedule for 2015 is complete and all workshops are a go.  Although this process is taking time I will be up and running ( I hope) by February 1st.  so mark your calender and plan to attend – I will have registration information up as quickly as I can.

Albuquerque NM (Jan 24 & 25) 12- Hr Psoas Workshop
Ojo NM (Jan 25-31) Retreat/Application Course/Mineral Water
Santa Cruz CA (Feb 8th) 5-Hr Intro to the Psoas
Santa Barbara CA (March 21 & 22) 12-Hr Psoas Workshop
Seattle WA (March 27-29) 18-Hr Psoas Workshop
Houston TX (April 25 & 26) 12-Hr Psoas Workshop
Lawrence KS (May 1-4) with Carol Agneessens Embryology Meets Gravity
New York NY (June 3 & 4) 12-Hr Psoas Workshop
New York NY (June 5-7) Stalking The Wild Psoas
New York NY (June 8-12) Private Sessions
Columbia MD (August 14) 3-Hr Intro To Psoas
Columbia MD (August 15 & 16) 12-Hr Yoga Training (private)
Santa Monica CA (September 19 & 20) 12-Hr Pilates Focus
Ojo NM (November 13-16) with Sam BerneThe Eye/Psoas Connection

Copenhagen DK (June 26-28) 18-Hr Psoas Workshop
Oslo NO (July 3-5) 18-Hr Psoas Workshop
Amsterdam NL (July 8 & 9) 12-Hr Psoas Workshop
Amsterdam NL (July 10-12) Stalking the Wild Psoas
Saturnia Baths IT(Sept 30 – Oct 1) 12-Hr/Mineral Water
Saturnia Baths IT (October 2-4) Stalking The Wild Psoas/Mineral Water
London UK (October 6 & 7) 12-Hr
London UK (October 6) 3-Hr Psoas/Movement Class
Oslo NO (October 9-11) Stalking The Wild Psoas
Blue Lagoon IS (11-17) Application Course for Professionals

TELE-CLASSES ~ 5-Week Course begins
February 17, July 21, and November 3

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