Tango with Your Psoas ~ join Liz & Adriana Pegorer in London

Published by Liz Koch on May 9, 2016 in Blog

Dancing a Tango with  Your Psoas & The Latissimus Dorsi

A Unique Dance Partnering with Liz Koch & Adriana Pegorer

The Psoas and the Lats negotiates and express our deepest desires and expresses our freedom of movement. out into the world.   As we attune to their intrinsic buoyant nature we access the soft yielding, open longing and inspired resilience of our human nature. We’ll begin by exploring Psoas and Lat movement within ourselves and than partner to join Lat to Lat , Psoas to Psoas in a dance of collaboration.

TUESDAY EVENING JULY 19th -  3-Hr Class in  London UK


Adriana Pegorer is the creator of Contact Tango a dynamic collaboration of somatics, contact, and tango.
Adriana is a Psoas Savvy dance educator (found on my LINKS page) integrating Psoas Awareness (and the Lats) into her 20 years professional dance research and play.

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