Delicious Psoas Stretch For The Holidays

Published by Liz Koch on November 20, 2010 in Blog

Power-lifter (804lb) & strength trainer Deric Stockton (see box squat video below) created this simply delicious psoas stretch, implementing Spine Based Movement (TM). Add it to your holiday fare for a relaxing, easy to digest Season!

Begin in Constructive Rest Position (CRP) for 2-5 minutes. Tuck a Slo-mo ball, foam exercise roller, or tightly rolled yoga mat, evenly placed under your balanced pelvis. Relax your pelvis over the curved object by relaxing your spine and opening (softening and relaxing) the front of the hip sockets. Lengthen & extend one leg. Lengthen and extend the same arm over the head. Grab the lengthened arm at the wrist with your other hand. Gently pull yourself into a spinal lateral C curve.  Be sure to include both arm and leg. Slowly spiral, initiating the movement in the thoracic spine, towards your extended arm & leg until you sense the activation of the upper psoas and a sense of delicious relaxation spreading through the chest and throat (do not just turn the head, rather let the head follow the subtle spiral). Look up into the elbow of your extended arm to help further open the throat. Connect the sensation of stretch both moving down towards your feet and up towards your head. Explore the position for 2 minutes then return to CRP and begin again on the other side. Yummm…thanks Deric!   Deric & I team up in California 2011 for 2 Core Strength Workshops. Please join us!

Annie Samojedny
Posted on July 14th, 2011 | Permalink

what foot roller do you recommend, in the attempts to affect a psoas release?

Liz Koch
Posted on July 24th, 2011 | Permalink

I especially like the Wake N’ Move as it provides the essentials for good foot response: 1) Fits the arch of the foot comfortably, 2) Offers a sense of re-bound, 3)Stimulates the bottom of the foot. The ones I purchase are from Denmark and are made without harmful BPA. Other choices include racket balls and/or squash balls.

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