Quick View: My Fall Psoas Workshop Schedule

Published by Liz Koch on August 10, 2009 in Blog

Please join me this autumn at any of the following workshop locations and discover how to regain and maintain a healthy core psoas muscle!

  • St Paul MN: Sept 26 & 27 The Psoas Workshop
  • Your Home: Tele-class Begins in Oct-dates & time to be announced
  • Friday Harbor WA: Oct 23-25 Healing Intensive
  • Des Moines IA: Oct 10 & 11 The Psoas Workshop
  • Santa Cruz CA: Oct 16 -18 Stalking The Wild Psoas: As Creative Process
  • New York NY: Nov 13-15 Stalking The Wild Psoas: Awakening Core
  • New York NY: Nov 21 & 22 Psoas Workshop (Private sessions available!)

For more information and details, visit my workshop schedule.

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