Keynote Speaker At International Bowen Conference

Published by Liz Koch on October 22, 2008 in Blog

I’ll be out of the office until November 10th as I travel to London for the International Bowen Conference where I will be a keynote speaker. My topic is Stalking the Wild Psoas: Awakening the Dynamic Core. I’ll be touching upon the urgent need to change our language about “body” from the current bio-mechanical model to a bio-intelligent model. Switching our language is a first step to discovering ourselves not as “object” but as a dynamic living process. The keynote slideshow and lecture presentation will be available as a core teaching tool in 2009!

Please continue to make your orders with confidence, they will be filled while I am away. My newest addition: Psoas & Back Pain CD is now available in ‘green’ recycleable packaging with no plastic case or wrapping.

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