Landing, Coherency, and the Bio-Intelligent Psoas

Published by Liz Koch on August 10, 2016 in Blog

As messenger of the mid-line, the supple, dynamic Psoas speaks of our arrival here on earth. Inspired by galaxies, shaped by oceanic currents, made from soil, we are creatures of vastness that emerge within and travel through a women’s body to land upon the earth. We are both star beings and oceanic earth organisms. This arrival, what I call landing, informs our ability to flourish during this lifetime.

“In their birth memories, “babies” now grown up describe what they experienced during labor, how they were treated by nurses and doctors, and what their parents said and did…what we find in birth memories is consistent with what is found in modern research; the newborn brain, nervous system, and physical senses are active and coordinated…the infant mind is alert, perceptive, exploring… busy incorporating each new experience.”
The Mind of Your Newborn Baby ~ David Chamberlain

I have come to understand that by turning towards the core messenger with an open attention and a curious ear we can gain an understanding of what is being called for from the center of our being. Landing (or what is commonly called embodiment) is essential for sensate experience of  coherency. The Psoas is not a problem that needs solving; rather it is a bio-intelligent messenger informing us of a deep level of in-coherency within our system. This core tissue is addressing our inability to locate in time and space. Once we land, we locate. Once we locate, we organize. Once we coordinate, we experience coherency. The ability to be coherent human beings is synonymous with our ability to fully awaken to each moment in time and space.

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