NEW! Nourishing Psoas Movement in Mineral Water Video

Published by Liz Koch on November 9, 2015 in Blog

Playing in water offers each of us a delicious opportunity to flourish from deep within our personal Core
I offer workshops and retreats where I have access to thermal mineral water because ~

Warm water relaxes and provides support for the nervous system

Returns the organism to its oceanic expression of undulating, wave, and lateral (fish-like) movements

Fluid movement remembers our origins ~ mothers womb ~ and our birthright…
A dynamic, expressive, creative core.

Working in water offers client & practitioner a nourishing way of approaching the dry, restricted Psoas.

Hydrating the Psoas is just one small step toward having a nourished core
And what an incredible first step!
I invite you to watch my new video on my YouTube LizKoch Channel

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