Sweet Psoas Feedback…..winter is the time for restoration

Published by Liz Koch on February 21, 2013 in Blog

Please Join me for a Psoas Tele-class, Workshop or  Retreats

My psoas does seem to be responding to my intention, interest, and gentle caring attention.  After just a few weeks, the sharp pain with intense weakness of the leg seem to be much less frequent…  And I am really experiencing a sense of deep rest and intense well-being that is much newer and very appreciated by my whole system.  I feel like my psoas is teaching me how to find a new quality of peace and stillness.  And after the major losses of the last year, it is quite a gift to feel more peace.

Psoas Tele-class Participant – Winter/Spring 2013

sharon small
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Hi, is the Tele-class still open for new students?

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