Back To The Source: The Powerful Psoas During Pregnancy & Birth

Published by Liz Koch on March 2, 2012 in Blog

I am headed to San Rafael California to teach a group of Doulas, Midwives, Attendants, and Mom’s all about their Psoas. So  why is the Psoas so important during pregnancy, birth and postpartum?  Because for a woman, her pelvis is the cradle of civilization.  It needs to be lush, centered, and dynamic.  The Psoas, spoken of as  the muscle of the soul in Daoist healing traditions,  holds the key for accessing instinctual wisdom so essential for a resilient natural birth process.  On a very functional level, maintaining or regaining a healthy Psoas relieves or eliminates low back and leg pains, opens and centers the pelvic and hips, and can help you avoid induction. On every level understanding the message of the Psoas resolves the fears of birthing and empowers babies to emerge whole-hearted.

wendy foster
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Liz- This sounds like great work! I would love to
be on your mailing list for future workshops. Heard about you through Carol Gray. Thank you!!

Liz Koch
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You can join my newsletter by filling the form on my website ~ thanks!

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