Core Strength Box Squat to Balance Pelvis with Deric Stockton

Published by Liz Koch on September 3, 2010 in Videos

Liz Koch author of The Psoas Book explains how to gain core strength while maintaining a supple Psoas by enhancing pelvic integrity. What often appears to be a weak Psoas muscle is really an overused, misused and abused Psoas due to pelvic disruptions. The video shows 3 important steps for balancing your pelvis; good positioning, the right idea, and proprioceptive awareness.

As Core Strength Trainer and Power Lifter Deric Stockton demonstrates, centering the pelvis is not about core tension but developing core awareness. Power lifting over 800 pounds; Deric Stockton has achieved core strength while maintaining a supple dynamic Psoas.

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I love the side angle of this – you can really see his alignment by how is head and neck are positioned with his chest. The chest is facing forward yet he is in the center of his midline- back of the neck is relaxed- throat is relaxed- no collapse… Pelvis and inner thighs are charged positive, feeding through the bones… Great! Wonder what it would be like to see him do this slower allowing the feed from the earth to engage the thrust of the Psoas… the leap from the Core..? Thank for offering this- Love Cass

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