Psoas Workshops, unless specified in the calendar, are 2-day 12 hour workshops focused on developing an awareness of the core muscle, the iliopsoas.

Workshop Italy

The weekend intensive develops your core awareness by understanding the functions of a healthy iliopsoas muscle on well-being, learning to release, tone and lengthen your iliopsoas muscle, exploring the energetic/emotional/spiritual dynamic of the physical core, discovering connections between the psoas, trauma and the autonomic nervous system, application to movement arts, massage, bodywork, exercise, Pilates, yoga, martial arts, and much more.

Who Can Attend

Core Awareness work is very gentle somatic explorations. You are encouraged to work at your own pace and follow your own needs. Everyone can benefit from learning about and experiencing their psoas muscle. There are no special requirements. However, the workshop is not a substitute for seeing a physician. If you have a medical condition or are concerned that you may have a problem, please see your healthcare provider.

How to Prepare

The Psoas Book is required reading before attending a 12 hour workshop. The book provides useful information for developing an understanding of the iliopsoas muscle. Workshops are designed for personal questions and direct experience. Please note calendar for the size of each workshop.

Be sure to eat simple and nourishing meals before the workshop. DO NOT drink caffeinated beverages before or during the workshop. Caffeine stimulates the flee/fight response and is counterproductive.

It is best to leave your evening plans open after and between workshop days. Consider it part of your over all experience. You may need time to assimilate process and heal.

What to Bring

Workshop New York

Dress in Layers (you may find your body temperature will fluctuates). Wear soft, flexible clothes that do not restrict movement (NO jeans – NO pants with double seam in back or stiff material). Bring socks, light snacks, fresh Water, blanket or flat firm mat, and anything else to help you feel comfortable.