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Juicy Girls Workshop, Santa Rosa CA

Join me, March 3rd, in northern California’s Santa Rosa for an intimate, women’s only workshop, with movement diva Monica Anderson (men who’d like to attend this workshop, please email me, and I will plan one just for you!).
The spiraling umbilical cord is our first connection to the earth – our pelvis, is the cradle of [...]

Balancing Your Internal Climate (Positive Health Magazine)

Weekend Intensive (Tucson, Arizona)

[ February 24, 2007; February 25, 2007; ] 12 hour Weekend Workshop OPEN TO EVERYONE. The weekend intensive focuses on developing core awareness by:

Understanding the functions and influence of the iliopsoas muscle on well-being
Learning to release, tone and lengthen your iliopsoas muscle
Exploring the energetic/emotional/spiritual dynamic of the physical core
Applications to exercise, dance, Pilates, yoga, massage, martial arts, bodywork…

Spirals of Strength (Santa Monica, California)

[ February 2, 2007; February 3, 2007; February 4, 2007; ] Co instructed with Continuum founder Emilie Conrad. Dynamic strength begins with a supple core! Discover a new fitness paradigm that propels you into the wholeness of self. Through the exciting methods of Continuum, participants will learn how best to access the inner world of fluid nourishment as well as methods of strengthening that brings tone [...]