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Rio Caliente Retreat (Rio Caliente, Mexico)

[ January 24, 2008; January 25, 2008; January 26, 2008; January 27, 2008; January 28, 2008; January 29, 2008; January 30, 2008; January 31, 2008; February 1, 2008; February 2, 2008; February 3, 2008; ] 10-night (or 7-night option for retreat only) Psoas Retreat and Application Course at the Rio Caliente Mineral Healing Spa. Retreat offers the perfect location and the time required for healing and invigorating your psoas.

Older cultures believe in the efficacy of taking the waters. At Rio Caliente, the source of the healing waters is an [...]

Intensive Workshop (Warwickshire, England)

[ June 27, 2008; 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. June 28, 2008; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. June 29, 2008; 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. ] 3-Day workshop in Warwickshire, England (approximately 45 minutes by train from London).

Open to EVERY BODY the workshop provides the time necessary for delving deep within to explore the healthy functional iliopsoas. By understanding the psoas and its role in the survival response (flee/fight/freeze) we’ll begin a dialog between the iliopsoas complex, autonomic nervous system [...]

Q & A: Psoas Explorations After Sexual Abuse?

Q: As a survivor of Incest in my teens, I wonder whether your course and books provide a way for me to connect with my body and my sexuality? My experiences have had a profound impact on my personal life and now in my late 30’s I am perhaps stronger to really tackle them head [...]