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Q & A: Can The Psoas Muscle Be Controlled?

Q: In a book review, in your recent newsletter, you comment that “because the psoas muscle is part of the “reptilian” or subconscious brain and cannot be controlled by conscious intention…”. However, in your Psoas Book, you have exercises/techniques for releasing, toning and strengthening the psoas muscle…should I be confused?
A: The appearance of confusion may [...]

Retreat/Workshop (Big Island, Hawaii)

[ September 14, 2007; September 15, 2007; September 16, 2007; ] 3-day Workshop on Permaculture Farm, near volcanic thermal steam vents (Pele the goddess of FIRE). Within the chinese 5 element theory Fire is the element of PASSION. Having all 5 elements (water, air, fire, earth, wood) abundant on the Big Island this workshop is sure to offer a fabulous psoas savvy environment. Join me for a [...]

Weekend Intensive (Portland, Oregon)

[ September 22, 2007; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. September 23, 2007; 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. ] 12 hour Weekend Workshop OPEN TO EVERYONE. The weekend intensive focuses on developing core awareness by:

Understanding the functions and influence of the iliopsoas muscle on well-being
Learning to release, tone and lengthen your iliopsoas muscle
Exploring the energetic/emotional/spiritual dynamic of the physical core
Applications to exercise, dance, Pilates, yoga, massage, martial arts, bodywork…