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09 Tax Deductible Psoas Training & Healing Retreat In Mexico

Get out of the harsh winter cold and join me for five, seven (or ten) days and nights in Paradise. Heal your psoas, revitalize your spirit and quench your passion for play! Sign up for the Application Course and take the training/retreat as continuing education tax deduction!

Pilates, Psoas & Back Pain (Pilates Digest)

The Heart of Desire: Jami Sieber’s Cello Music

Jami Sieber’s cello music evokes a vibration for opening the heart of desire and awakening the hardened psoas. Provocative and inspirational, Jami blends voice and haunting melody to both capture the imagination and open universal emotional channels of longing, celebration and harmony. Liz Koch and Jami converse about the origins of her music, her musical [...]