Stalking The Wild Psoas ~ what do you really long for?

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Longing is a voice from deep within.  You can ignore it but you can not out live it.  Consider it lost…

“So when something is lost, we must go to the old woman who always lives in the -out-of -the-way pelvis. She lives out there, half in and half out of the creative fire. This is a perfect place for women to live, right next to the female huevos, their eggs, their female seeds.  There the tiniest ideas and the largest ones are waiting for our minds and actions to make them manifest”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes ~ Women Who Run With The Wolves

EARLY registration is extended through the end of January ~ this is a kick ass workshop so do not whine to me – just show up and discover what you truly long for…

My 2016 Psoas Workshop Schedule is ready…Join me!

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Santa Fe NM ~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (Jan 23 & 24)
Ojo Caliente NM
~ 30-Hr Application Course & Retreat  (Jan 24-31)
Santa Monica CA
~ Stalking The Wild Psoas: Singing The Soul (Feb 12-14)*
San Francisco CA
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (Feb 20 & 21)
Your Home Everywhere
~ 5 Week Winter Tele-class Begins (Feb 23)
Salt Spring Island BC
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (March 4-6)
Des Moines IA
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (March 19 & 20)

Melbourne AUSTRALIA ~12-Hr Psoas Workshop (April 2 & 3)
~ Stalking The Wild Psoas (April 4-6)
Sunshine Coast AUSTRALIA
~ 4-Hr Sex & The Psoas Class (April 7)
~ 18-Hr Psoas Workshop (April 8-10)

Where-ever Universe ~ 3 week Tele-course with Anna Verwaal Womb to World (April 13)*
St Louis MO
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (April 23 & 24)
New York NY
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (April 30 & May 1)
New York NY ~ 3-Hr Sex & The Psoas Class (May 2)
New York NY ~ Private Sessions (May 2-4)

Denver CO ~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (May 14 & 15)
San Jose CA
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (June  25 & 26)

Amsterdam NL~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (July 13 & 14)
Amsterdam NL
~ Stalking The Wild Psoas (July 15 – 17)
London UK
~ 12- Hr Psoas Workshop (July 19 & 20)
York UK
~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (July 23 & 24)

Cleveland OH ~ 12-Hr Psoas Workshop (August 27 & 28)             
Martha’s Vineyard MA
~ 12-Hr-Psoas Workshop (Sept 16-18)
New York NY
~ Stalking the Wild Workshop (Sept 23-25)
New York NY
~ Private Sessions (September 26-28)

Oslo Norway ~12-Hr Psoas Workshop (Oct 11 & 12)
Oslo Norway
~ Stalking The Wild Psoas: Womb To World  (Oct 13-15 )*
Blue Lagoon Iceland
~ 30-Hr Application Course (Oct 16-22)

Lawrence KS ~ Advanced Professional Training: Refining Explorations (Nov 3-6)
Ojo Caliente NM
~ Sex & The Psoas Women’s Retreat  (Nov 14-16)*

* Co taught – see who is  joining me for these joint workshop!

NEW! Nourishing Psoas Movement in Mineral Water Video

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Playing in water offers each of us a delicious opportunity to flourish from deep within our personal Core
I offer workshops and retreats where I have access to thermal mineral water because ~

Warm water relaxes and provides support for the nervous system

Returns the organism to its oceanic expression of undulating, wave, and lateral (fish-like) movements

Fluid movement remembers our origins ~ mothers womb ~ and our birthright…
A dynamic, expressive, creative core.

Working in water offers client & practitioner a nourishing way of approaching the dry, restricted Psoas.

Hydrating the Psoas is just one small step toward having a nourished core
And what an incredible first step!
I invite you to watch my new video on my YouTube LizKoch Channel

Saving The Hip Socket

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I for one am starting a campaign to save the hip socket! I’m wondering if I am alone in this cause?

No one that I know has written one word about saving the mighty hip socket. Nary a Facebook friend (my “friends” are amazing professionals in a variety of health & fitness fields) has voiced their concern or lamented the loss of the human hip socket. The value of keeping one’s original hip sockets has not been discussed, which is unfortunate as there are many benefits (such as financial savings) that are connected with never needing surgery. But then I’m reminded that we are currently under the cultural spell of thinking that the human body is an object; mechanizing living systems still rules. People assume that the hip socket similar to car tires, need replacing. Better to just update to the newest bionic model then consider why they became unhealthy in the first place and how we might avoid and/or recover from such a breakdown. I might be alone in this campaign but I want to grow old with my hip sockets intact. I don’t believe bionic is better. So I ask you this: with all this talk about the importance of connective tissue and the recent focus on the Psoas, is it not time we offer our clients and/or students a guide for maintaining healthy, functional hip sockets for life? Can we ponder (and teach) about how to keep one’s hip sockets healthy and the movements that will maintain this health? If you are with me on this please share…

4 Simple Ways To Save Your Hip Socket For Life by Liz Koch (author of The Psoas Book)

1) NOURISH: When it comes to having healthy hip sockets for life, use them or lose them is the name of the game. Nourishing your hip sockets means stimulating them through an array of functional and fluid movements. The hip joint provides important skeletal and muscular organization that helps us feel safe, balanced, and centered. When we articulate our hip-sockets through subtle and full range motion, these dynamic joints are bathed in precious life-enhancing nourishment.

2) PROTECT: Hip sockets need loving care from wear and tear. Avoid abrasive force by supporting good skeletal positioning and buoyant rebound. Man-made surfaces, such as cement, are brutal on our hip sockets. The pounding our hip sockets take when walking on cement contributes to the literal wearing away of bone. Avoid wearing thin, hard, and/or rigid soled shoes that not only restrict healthy foot movement but also lack gravitational rebound. When encountering harsh walking surfaces, choose shoes that not only are flexible and bend in half, but also are made with a buoyant responsive sole.

3) SUPPORT: Offer your hip sockets global skeletal support by sitting and standing on balanced bones. Sitting on top and slightly in front of the skeletal pelvic tuberosity (sits bones) articulates the pelvic basin, which is vital for differentiating the torso from the leg.  A balanced, centered pelvis and articulated leg relieves unnecessary tension around the hip socket. Avoid or adapt car seats, office chairs, and typical seating that are bucket style as these strain the hip sockets. While standing, stop tucking your tailbone. Doing so interferes with a skeletally balanced, free-floating pelvis. Interrupting skeletal balance invariably calls upon the psoas. Called upon to counterbalance poor sitting choices, this tissue (which directly flows over the ball and socket joint) becomes dry and eventually shortens, which further disrupts movement and limits circulation in the hip sockets. Choose a seat that provides a firm, flat surface for sitting on top of the pelvic bones (not the back of the sacrum). Doing so encourages healthy blood flow within the socket joint and throughout the leg and foot. Further improve circulation by sitting on top (and slightly on the front) of the tuberosity with your knee slightly lower than the pelvis and your foot fully planted on the floor.

4) VALUE: Scar tissue disrupts the coherency of the global connective tissue and is known to disrupt functional movement. Pulled and compressed tissue can also cause nerve pain and may distress organs. By avoiding surgery we not only keep our functional hip sockets, but also we maintain our healthy connective tissue, protecting our juicy, expressive Psoas. During hip socket surgery, connective tissue is cut and the delicate Psoas may be pinned, cut, or slashed  in the name of release. When scar tissue forms, this juicy tenderloin loses its dynamic integrity. But that is a whole other subject: how best to prepare and recover when the hip sockets have become obsolete.

Private Sessions ~ New York City

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At the very core of every well-executed movement is somatic awareness that ultimately leads to inner freedom. Cultivating your Core Awareness will enrich your sense of flexibility, suppleness, strength, and stability so that with fluid motion your vital life force becomes increasingly tangible.”

Liz Koch – Core Awareness: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise & Dance

June 8th – 12th I am offering Private Psoas Sessions in my Manhattan Studio.  Join me for this opportunity to focus on your Psoas.

Email me via my contact page to reserve your time & place.  90 minutes session $265.00